China plastic molds manufacturer Professional on water filter molds, plastic filter molds,2 or 3stage desktop water filter molds, 2stage water filter molds, water filter spare parts, filter pitcher molds. Usually the water filter parts including filter housing molds filter cover molds and filter spare parts molds.About water filter moldThe plastic material of the filter housing is PP,SAN or AS, transparent or not, when the filter housing by transparent, we will choose mold steel with Din1.2316,Din1.2344 for good polishing, without scratch without waviness; if not transparent, the mold steel will be Din1.2738 or Din1.2311 for good polish.The plastic material of the filter cover usually is ABS or PP, we use Din1.2738 or Din1.2311 Steel, the special structure is the unscrewing structure, we will make the screw thread by oil motor unscrewing or by manual unscrewing according to customer request quatity.About water filter mold and part testWhen mold testing, it must considering best injection condition like suited pressure, suited temperature, and transparent filter hosing mold need connect temperature controller for keep mould temperature for good injection molding.For water filter plastic part testing, we will understand from customer how about the water pressures it will be bear, then we make water pressure testing.We expect we can offer you good quality water filter molds, please send information for inquiry if you are looking for a good molds supplier for water filter molds.

Water filter molds

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