Plastic water dripper molds suppliers—SINO MOULD.We are very professional water dripper molds designer and manufacturer.As we know water dripper molds will requir high precise tooling,But how to make a good water dripper molds?And what is our advantage on water dripper molds? 1.     steel of water dripper moldsDIN 1. 2344 made by Thyssen Krup German, heat treatment with HRC50±2.2.     hot runner systemAnole hot runner system, advanced temperature controlling system and heating elements and thermocouples are from German.3.     multi-cavity dripper moldsWe can offer water driper molds from 8 cavities to 64 cavities4.     cycle timecycle time from 5 to 20 seconds differ from cavities Nr. from 8 to 64 cavities. Besides, We have made serval sets of water dripper molds for customers from Isreal, Egypt,Middle east……Please contact us to know more infromation.

Water dripper molds

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