Sino Holdings Group offer customers good quality plastic toy molds, like the children use plastic toy car mould, plastic building block mould, plastic beach toy mould, plastic robot toy mould and so on. Plastic toy mould is in high requirement of design and plastic material. For the factor of safety to baby. Sino Has done many different kinds of the baby toy molds, like the plastic scooter molds, the baby use table, baby bathtub mold and so on.For the plastic toy molds steel we use the 718H, H13, S136 and so on, we use the ANOLE hot runner, also can use the YUDO, MOLDMASTER and so on. After getting the samples, we will design the product, give you the good suggestion of the plastic toy molds, and discuss with customers, then design the mold, design the good cooling water, ejector system. Also we will give you the good injection molding machine, auxiliary machines, all the line of the productionIf you have new project of the plastic toy molds, please feel free to contact us

Plastic toy molds

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