Tool box molds

You want to buy the plastic tool box molds?Sino offer customers good quality tool box molds, we have done many different kinds of the tool box moulds for the customers, who comes from the different countries.We offer various tool box mold for Italian Mazzei plastic moulding company more than 60 sets of plastic tool box molds. We have a wealth of knowledge about tool box mold design and tool box mold manufacturing:1. we have the experience to make 2 or 4 cavities tool box mould with the tool box dimension 600x350x450mm, and with the cycle time 48 seconds.2. we have the knowleage to make the tool box mould wall thickness tolerance not more then 0.003mm with the wall thickness 1.2mm.3. The stripper are specially designed and mould base are strong enough to keep the tool box mould high speed injection.4. the extrem cooling system, optimized hot runner system.5. DIN 1. 2738 steel for good polishing and long last polishing result, also keep the mould high pressure injection moulding with long mould life.If you have any new project of the tool box molds, please feel free contact me

Guidepost molds

 Sino a famous plastic traffic cone molds suppliers.We have advaced design for traffic cone molds,Many experience for manufacturing one cavity or multi-cavity traffic cone molds. What is our advantage for our traffic cone molds?1.     High quality control system. The main material for plastic traffic cone is PP, PVC or PA, at the beginning, we suggest different steel in order to meet different plastic raw material. And during production, our QC dept. will follow up in the whole schedule.2.     Optimal cooling system. Shorter cycle means bigger production quantity.We design the traffic cone molds excellecnt cooling water, the cooling lines flow through the product surface, and we make the cooling line the bigger the better to achieve max affect.3.     Quick delivery. We have PMC dept. to check the traffic cone molds production step by step.When we find any delay for any tooling step, we can find in time and catch the time4.     Saving cost for injection machine. In order to save cost and energy for customer, we designed traffic cone molds for different structure, through one side pull structure to drop the product in the same level. As we know, usually, traffic cone molds will need bigger opening stroke machines, but we can take away your worry.Any need for detail information, please feel free to contact us. 

Water dripper molds

 Plastic water dripper molds suppliers—SINO MOULD.We are very professional water dripper molds designer and manufacturer.As we know water dripper molds will requir high precise tooling,But how to make a good water dripper molds?And what is our advantage on water dripper molds? 1.     steel of water dripper moldsDIN 1. 2344 made by Thyssen Krup German, heat treatment with HRC50±2.2.     hot runner systemAnole hot runner system, advanced temperature controlling system and heating elements and thermocouples are from German.3.     multi-cavity dripper moldsWe can offer water driper molds from 8 cavities to 64 cavities4.     cycle timecycle time from 5 to 20 seconds differ from cavities Nr. from 8 to 64 cavities. Besides, We have made serval sets of water dripper molds for customers from Isreal, Egypt,Middle east……Please contact us to know more infromation.

Lawn mower molds

With decades of cooperation with international famous brand lawn mover suppliers, SINO MOULD has developed rich experience in lawn mover mold manufacturering. SINO offers all types of lawn mover molds with injection molding technology, die-casting molds, aluminum casting and punching molds technology and so on. Our production line covers: Electric Lawn Mower molds, Power Garden Mower molds, plastic Grass Cutter Machine molds, Scarifier molds and plastic Raker Sweeper molds and so on.We are skilled in lawn mover R&D and latest lawn mover design and improvement, as well as lawn mover molds upgrading. SINO applied moldflow software to analysis the plastic injection condition, and design with the most idea layout, cooling system of lawn mover plastic components, ejection system of lawn mover plastic parts to achieve the best plastic molding condition. Molds efficiency, production good product percentage, and the outsurface defect avoiding, assembling keypoints and finish product uniform of parting lines all our advantages. In the production side, SINO choose the imported plastic mold tooling equipment, such as Italian FIDIA 5 axis CNC center, Japanese Sodick EDM and wire cutting, CMM measuring center and so on, to get the best mold tooling finish, and control mold qualtiy with 100% machining without hand touch. All lawn mover molds are successed in T1 trial, with 60days delivery time, and high level texture finish or mirror polish standard.Also, as we are choosing the best steel material to suitable for mold running, such as DIN1.2738 from Germany for main body, DIN 1.2316 for moving lawn mover mold components, cube and moldmax for cooling sharp corners, and durable design inside the keypoints of each lawn mover mold details. All our experiences are gained from production. And we are more confidence with your cooperation join in, SINO will grow with you shoulder by shoulder with long term friendship.

Baby use molds

SINO MOULD Co.,LTD is the leading Chinese baby use molds supplier in China, we offer baby use molds concept, baby use molds molding solution, baby use product molding service! Our products sell well all over the world! We have rich experience in all kind of baby use molds making, like baby chair molds, baby tub molds, baby slider molds, baby basin molds, baby toy molds! Over molding baby molds is our strong point! We cooperate with world famous baby product company, Italy OKBABY.   SINO have strong work team for researching and developing new baby use products, we use UG PRO-E Solid works mold-flow and AUTO CAD to in our design. Mould flow analysis before baby use molds design can avoid mistakes which may happen in real mold tooling. For big baby use molds, we have many large CNC machine, 5 axis machines. We also supply the complete baby use plastic molding production line! We have injection molding machine from 50 ton to 1800ton! you can contact our sales engineer to suggest suitable machine size according to your molds. As the largest plastic baby use molds manufacturer in China, with decades’ experience of supplying our customer all kinds of baby use molds, I believe Sino Mould is your best choice! 

Automotive molds

Automotive molds SINO MOULD is worldwide automotive molds supplier, has not only fast improvement in mold structure as well as tooling capacity among Chinese automotive mold suppliers.  SINO as we are featured for our ability of automotive mold design, development and manufacture of automobile industry components, offering multi-technological solutions to plastic injection molding supply. Our team work aim to achieve Quality Honesty Responsibility for our international automotive molds clients. We invested advanced high precision equipment for machine tooling, such as FEDIA five axis CNC milling center, large tooling stroke milling center, sodick EDM and wire cutting machine, 3D CMM measuring equipment and moving checking inspection equipment for QC in-time control and tooling capacity.  SINO automotive molds car models including industrial truck, daily cars, sports cars as well as new revolution car models, the plastic automotive molds covers control panel molds, pillars molds, dash board molds, door trims molds, air venting system plastic molds, shock absorber molds as well as lamp molds. SINO apply international famous brand from automtive steel Germany brand, DIN 1.2738, DIN 1.2344 or higher grade, to molds components such as Synventive hot runner system,DME standard system, HASCO hot runner, LKM mold base, HP hydraulic cylinders and DME mold components as well as texture finish of surface moldtech supplier. SINO MOULD as the world leader in automotive mold supplier systems. SINO also featured for our two color injection molding solution as well as over-molding solution for automotive molds.Our market brand such as BENZ, BMW,HONDA,SUZUKI,TOYOTA, Citroen,Ford,and so on.SINO MOULD’s automotive molds provided are all manufacture to high standard tooling quality and long mold life.

Gas assistant molds

China gas assistant molds, gas assisted injection molds manufacturer, sino mould is professional supplier for plastic gas assistant molds and gas assisted injection molding solution. We successfully achieved gas assistant technology in plastic chair molding, plastic hanger mold and other respect products.  With gas assistant molding process and gas assisted injection molds, you can reach below results:-reduce or eliminate product surface sink marks-save material during molding manufacturing process, it can save plastic material max. to 60%-makes gas assisted molded parts with good strength-less power consumption We not only offer gas assistant injection molds, also the gas assisted molding solution service. For a complete gas molding solution, you need this equipment:-gas assisted injection mold, such as gas assistant chair mold, gas assistant hanger molds-suitable injection molding machines -gas assisted related equipment, if you buy end use nitrogen gas from local market, it would save you a lot work. But if you want to make nitrogen gas by yourself, then you must need nitrogen gas generate machines. -nitrogen pressure controller which need for gas flow during molding process-other molding auxiliary machines like auto loader, dryer… For gas assistant molds developing, mold flow analysis is very important to check the shortcomings before mold manufacturing, such like to check material flow to see if have flow mark problems. Sino mould offers gas assistant injection molds worldwide, such as South Africa, Denmark, Poland and so on.  Welcome your down visiting or inquiries to us for gas assistant injection molds.

PVC fitting molds

SinoPF is mainly for making different kinds of pipe fitting molds, like PVC fitting molds, PPR fitting molds, PP fitting molds, ABS pitting molds, etc. Consider the special characteristic of PVC raw material, we use stainless steel material for all the PVC fitting molds with special designed PVC injection molding machines. PVC pipe fittings are widely used for pipes connecting, in order to realized its functions, it has different shapes, such as elbow fitting, T-type fitting, reducer fitting, cross fitting, U-type fitting and so on. Sinopf have rich experience for curved PVC fitting molds, collapsible PVC fitting molds and other complex PVC fitting molds. We make advanced mould structure design for the pipe fitting molds which could support long time running and high speed running, all the fitting molds cooling system are parallel with European molds. We cooperated with world famous pipe fitting companies for the pipe fitting molds project. Year by year, we improved the pipe fitting molds with precision parting line in fitting surface and smooth collapsible core parting line in inner surface, strict wall thickness control and mold assembling tolerance control, precision surface finish with smooth ejector pin mark and gate mark, reasonable gate location and runner system, high standard surface finish. With about 20years PVC pipe fitting mold making, Sinopf develop our service for PVC fitting molding line solution. We offer PVC fitting molds, PVC injection molding machines with necessary additional machines. Welcome your contact. 

Laundry basket molds

Sino Mould Co.,Ltd is a famous laundry basket molds manufacturer in China, even on the world, we have a rich experience for making different kinds of laundry basket molds, pls see below these pictures of our models, all of them are made by our company.Because for most of the laundry baskets, there are many holes for 4 walls, and the laundry basket is big, so the injection may a key point we should consider, such as the type of the injection gate is hot runner or cold runner; if with hot runner, then how many tips for the hot runner, the runner position and types. If not design well, it may difficult to injection complete the plastic laundry baskets, and may have big flashed in the bottom of the holes.We have a strong design team for concept your laundry basket molds perfectly, before laundry basket molds manufacturing, we will apply mold flow software to analyse if the laundry basket molds design and injection gate is perfect to avoid any problems in the real molds.Buy laundry basket molds in Sino Mould, we believe we are your best choice, we offer your good quality laundry basket molds, good laundry basket molds after sales service, and turnkey solutions for your production line.Welcome your kindly enquiry from us, for your plastic chair molds projects.