Oxygen mask provides a method to transfer breathing oxygen gas from a storage tank to the lungs. They can be made of plastic, silicone or rubber; and may be supplied to patients, firemen and the military etc. As a professional medical molds supplier, we have accumulated rich experiences in Oxygen Mask Molds, medical nebulizer molds, Anesthesia breathing circuit, yankauer molds, yankauer section connector molds.For oxygen mask molds design and Oxygen Mask Molds Making. Due to it is flexible PVC polymer, the mold releasing, mold core and cavity material choosing all are seriously We have made Adult oxygen mask molds, Pediatric oxygen mask molds recently. Oxygen Mask Molds Mold cavity: 2 cavitiesMold core&cavity: S136Mold Hardness: 50-54HRCMold Runner: Cold runnerMold Life: 3 million shotsT1 sample lead time: new ready mould, could be shipped as soon as possible We have designed a lot of molds for many types oxygen mask molds both adult and pediatric, oxygen and nebulizer type. For oxygen mask molds we can design good air exhausting system, control the mold quality to ensure the part high polishing, good appearance no flash&burrs, and easy to eject out. Also we can custom oxygen mask molds according to customer’s design or samples.We supply good quality Oxygen Mask Molds. Check more detail information about Oxygen Mask Molds, If you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact us! 

Oxygen mask molds

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