Syringe mould project manufacturer Sino could offer you syringe turnkey molding service.
Syringe turnkey molding service includes:
– Syringe moulds ( barrel mould, plunger mould, gasket mould, needle cap mould, needle hub mould,)
– Injection machine and auxiliary machine( auto loader, dryer, water chiller.
– printing machine
– syringe assembling machine
– blister packing machine
– E.O gas sterilizer
– Needle assembling machine
For the syringe, divide into insulin syringe( barrel, plunger, lower cap, upper cap), 2 part syringe ( plunger, barrel)
3 part syringe (plunger, barrel, gasket)
Auto- destruct syringe
Syringe with tip ( Irrigation syringe)
We will make the total plan of building a plant for disposable syringe, supply all the necessary machines, give after sales service, technical support, and the know-how to produce the high quality syringe. Our target is to help our customer to setup a syringe plant with effective production ability in a low cost, and to produce the high quality products, and finally benefit to the local people who can get those high quality products with low cost.
When the client sends us a enquiry about the intend to build a syringe plant with their idea, we will communicate with each other to know exactly requirement about the client’s requirement, and will make a clear plan for the particular project.
After the client approval the plan, we will sign an agreement with the client, and the client send us the prepayment for the project. We will send our project manager to visit your place, and help to build the standard workshop for the plan with the international standard. At the same time, the necessary machines for the project are being produced.
When the workshop is ready, the machines have been sent to the location, we will send out our engineers to there to set up the machine, adjust it to operation position, and training the local operator to operate the machines.
If you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact us.