Sino Package China is well known for different kinds of cap molds making, we supply our customers cap turnkey molding service, not only for the cap injection molding devices, but also for cap molding technology enquiry and training.
There are many different types and sizes caps for water bottle, juice bottle, shampoo and oil bottle, usually these caps are disposable, so the demand quality for the caps are very big. We could make muliti-cavity cap molds for our customers, like 16cavity, 24cavity, 32cavity, 48cavity, 72cavity and so on.
After fixed the cap mould design, we could suggest suitable cap injection molding machines for our customers with additional machines. Usually the raw material for the caps is PP or PE, we could use common type injection molding machines for the cap production. Use high speed injection molding machine if customer required shorter cycle time.
Sino made 24cavity tooth paste flip top cap mold with auto-closure and unscrewing structure. We made 32cavity 5gallon water cap mold with fully automatically running. We made 48&72cavity water cap fully hot runner mold with or without thief ring. All the above molds we use imported stainless steel material. We offer turnkey service for the cap molding line.
For a new setup cap production factory, Sino make suitable suggestions from the beginning of the plan, help give suggestions about the cap mold cavity number and molding machine size with right auxiliary machines, offer molding devices and testing, train staff and supply spare parts. With our cap turnkey molding service, it is more convenient for you to start your molding line project.