Who we are?
Sino Holdings Group provides turnkey solution to practically various plastic injection molding service and equipment manufacturing challenge. Sino has been doing over 10years in the past for plastic injection molds and have earned confidence of world plastic injection market.
Our job is to give our client with professional turnkey solution & service to support you start your business fast and with complete success. Regardless the project size and scope of your plastic project, Sino can coordinate the full process of developing and training as well as after sales service maintenance.
Once you are thinking involved in a certain plastic molding project, no matter how much engineer you have on hand, no matter how much you understand in plastic molding technology, SINO will bring you the best solution. You can just turn it to us, let it go and just relax. In 4months period, you just get the key and as it is done.
What turnkey solutions we offer to plastic molding market?
Among the past years, Sino has successfully set our cooperation with clients in every corner of the world, and projects we did such as:
1.    IML package molding service
2.    Paint bucket molding turnkey solution
3.    PET preform and cap closure molding turnkey service
4.    Chair & table molding turnkey line
5.    Pvc /PPR fitting connector injection molding line
6.    Syringe and other medical injection molding solution
7.    Industrial dust bin molding line
8.    Industrial pallet molds turnkey solution
9.    Home appliance turnkey molding line
As well as many daily use plastic injection molding line
And the market covers Italy, Poland, South Africa, Guinea, Gango, Mozambique, Mexico, U.S.A., Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan, Syria, U.A.E, and Turkey and so on. Since 2008 year, SINO has developed more than 80lines for different turnkey solutions like above. And in recent years, with our development in R&D, and tooling skills, we are involving in more project such as
–       injection blow molding production line,
–       bi-color injection molding turnkey solution
–       in mold assembling technology
–       stacking molding solution
–       multi-color & insert molding technology
–       gas assistant molding technology
How we do ?
Sino Holdings Group is your ideal partner, as once start cooperation, you need only use one company in collaborating and integrate a complete solution. we can deliver on every aspect of your project:
–       design and engineering services
–       plastic molds
–       injection molding machines from 88Ton to 4500Ton
–       auxiliary equipment for molding line
–       inspection of equipment prior to delivery
–       shipment, transportation
–       turnkey solution set up in buyer’s plant
–       training of and maintenance personnel
–       plant design and detailed design and power drawings
–       supply of assistant equipment for turnkey solution
SINO focus is to help our clients accomplish the best plastic molding line and realize improved profitability. We are ready to support you with ideal turnkey solution with the economic benefits in the long run.