Sino Holdings Group is the leader of mold supplier in China, who offers medical system plastic parts molds with high quality and multi-cavity tooling ability. We widely focused on a full-service basis for companies in the field of pharmaceutics and medical technology, make the individually customized medical molds solutions.

Our medical molds range covers new type of quick test for practices and clinics, such as disposable medical plastic components and plastic surgical device
– Syringe molds
– Test tube molds
– Tray molds
– Medical dust bin molds
– Medical container molds
– Oxygen mask molds
– nebulization plastic mold
– Medical plastic Yankuer molds

SINO enjoys a worldwide reputation for plastic medical components molds research and development. We have dust free work shop, high speed injection molding machines, specialized steel for making high clean medical injection molds. With SINO top facilities and complete tooling control management, we has achieved wide range of different plastic medical parts molds for countries internationally. Also, in recent years, SINO is devoting ourselves in being the best on in medical molds supplier, for example, the test tube mold upto 48 cavities with valve gate system, syringe molds in 64cavities, PVC Oxygen mask molds in 8cavities interchangeable…