Plastic injection molds supplier, Sino Mould has more than two decades of plastic injection mold making experience in china, offers high quality plastic injection molds for customers and mainly more than 95% are export worldwide.
Why so many customers choose sino mould to buy plastic injection molds?
-comprehensive plastic injection molds management
for every plastic injection molds, from product analysis until mold complete for shipment, sino have one comprehensive management to control plastic molds manufacturing smoothly. every mold would have certain project manager and related team to control the design, tooling and mold quality.
-strong design team and advanced design concept
Sino has more than 40 professional design engineers, include product design engineer, plastic injection mold design engineer, 2D drawings engineers. All engineers are with advanced design concept and especially professional in certain type injection molds, continuous improvement on design details point to reach perfect.
-plastic part and plastic injection mold preparation analysis
For complex plastic items, sino would make analysis on plastic part and mold design to avoid any shortcomings before mold manufacturing. For instance, like PC chair, gas assisted chair and automotive parts, we would do mold flow analysis before making.
-precision machine tooling for plastic injection molds
Sino mould has bring many precision tooling machine for plastic molds manufacturing, like high precision cnc tooling machine with tolerance +/-0.03mm, precision EDM tooling machine…
-quality control during and after tooling processing
we have special quality team to control mold quality during mold making and after main parts finished tooling. we have 3 CMM measuring machine to check the mold tooling tolerance, one is movable inside workshop to check the quality.
-completely plastic molds drawings
For all plastic injection molds, sino has complete plastic molds drawings marked with tolerance. All machining would strictly follow to the drawings tolerance, any parts out of this tolerance would not allow to next steps for manufacturing.

Which kind of plastic injection molds we offer?

Sino mould has the ability and equipment to manufacture diffident type plastic injection molds. But we are professional in plastic injection molds as below:
Plastic crate molds
Plastic chair molds
Plastic painting bucket mold
Plastic cutlery molds
Plastic box/container molds
PET preform molds
Plastic cap/closure molds
Thinwall IML injection molds
Sino aims to offer high quality plastic injection molds, we are warmly welcome for your down visiting to us for plastic injection molds.