For many years the plastic molding suppliers are in demanding for an injection machine that can saving as much energy as possible. Sino Holdings Group, in complying with our customer demand, promoted the popular injection machine model- servo molding machine.

Working in collaboration with the end users, we keep in improving the machine feature for 30%- 70% max. in power saving, water efficiency, and hydraulic system revolution. The high performance and repetition makes our machine faster response and helps our market expending. Sino Holdings Group servo injection machines components of the complete machines are all from international famous brand. And the base supporting the closing and injection units is fabricated with strong sheet and designed with fast absorb stresses caused by the servo molding machine. There are also more features lead to the great success of the great sales.

At present, SINO has developed more models from 218Tons servo molding machine up to the max. 4500Ton large categories of clamping force of the servo system injection molding machines. Click for more detail advantage of SINO servo injection molding machines.