Sino Holdings Group provide customers all kinds of the plastic injection molding machines, like the standard injection molding machine, servo motor injection molding machine, PET/PVC special injection molding machine and so on.
Now our company developed the new brand of the injection molding machine – high speed injection molding machine, also we call it 5Hmolding injection molding machine.
For the 5Hmolding machine, there has the 5H which is the reason why we call it:
1. High Speed
2. High Energy Saving
3. High Injection Precision
4. High Stability Circulation Ability
5. High Safety
This machine can usually be used to produce the thin wall product, like the aviation cup, thin wall box, and some other thin wall product. For example, about the 4cavities cup mould, the cycle time is only about 3s, this can improve the production.