Sino Holdings Group offer customers the auxiliary molding equipments, like the auto loader, hopper dryer, water chiller, water tower, crusher. Mixer, mold temperature controller, air compressor, air filter, robot and so on. We can help you choose our brand or if you have your appointed brand like the SHINI we also can help you.
For all the auxiliary molding equipments we can help you to choose the right one according to your injection molding machine size. For the hopper dryer, if you use the PET injection molding machine, need the bigger one dryer.
For example, if you want to buy the PET production line, you need the PET preform mold, PET injection molding machine, auto-loader, hopper dryer, or you can choose the all in on (auto loader, dryer, dehumidifier) water chiller, masterbatch dozer. If you want to buy the auxiliary molding equipments, please let us know