Sino Holidngs is aiming at being most professional molding machinery suppliers in China. Combing with rich experience for manufacturing high quality injection molding machinery, We offer various types of molding machinery all over the world.
We have the series of standard injection molding machine, high speed injection molding machine, servo power-save injection molding machine, double color injection molding machine, pvc & pet injection molding machine……
Recent years, we published one new type of high performance molding machinery—hybrid injection machine. It contains the characteristic for high speed, high energy saving, high injection presicion, high stability, high safety. The high performance advantage will lead China plastic molding machinery industry to a new generation.
Sino holdings has one strong working team which consist of many skillful engineers for mechenical, electricial, hydraulic. We also invests a lot on upgrading better molding machinery design and function. Our sales will collect some new information from the market, some professional exhibitions and feedbacks from regular customers each year, all these necessary informations will be very important to reaseaching dept.Our engineer will get together to think about whether there is any upgrade we can do for the molding machinery. Each upgrading, we will share the details to new and regular customers.
Sino holdings are proud of having one excellent after-sales-service dept. To injection molding machinery manufacturer, good service plays an important role in the whole oversea trading. Our technicians can provide injection molding machine installation service, injection molding machine maintains service, training in customer’s plant service. We can promise customer can start molding machinery from Zero.
Till now, Sino holdings service teams have been to more than 50 countries, they have been to Europe, Africa, South America……And their excellent work receive more and more customer’s affirmation and praise.