If you want to invest into industrial foldable pallet container, it needs at least 5 molds: cover mold, bottom mold, 2 different side wall mold, connecter mold, etc., plus, you need to buy injection molding machine and other auxiliary machines for your production line, not economical for all customers, the investment is very expensive. So why not buy industrial foldable pallet container directly in our company? If you want to produce normal industrial pallet container yourself, the container is big, the mould dimension is large, all the cost is high, and you need to buy one injection molding machine more than 5000 tons. It is not economical for you. So why not change to industrial foldable pallet container?
Sino Holdings Group Co.,Ltd can supply you complete sets of industrial foldable pallet container, there are in total 3 series : SHG-1211-D serie with 2 types – with cover and without cover, the dimensions of this industrial foldable pallet container is 1200*1000*1000mm, 860L, the loading weight is 4 tons in stable situation, and 1 ton in dynamic situation; SHG-1218D which the dimensions are 1200*1000*860mm, the volume is 700L; SHG-1217D which the dimensions are 1200*1000*760mm, the volume is 610L.
Sino Holdings, we can supply you industrial foldable pallet container with High strength, long life time and competitive price. Welcome your down visiting and your kindly enquiry!