In our daily life, we can see daily use foldable crate everywhere. Daily use foldable crate can be folded and after folded, the volume of the crate is only 1/4 of it’s original volume, it can help you save a lot of space when you don’t use it. Besides, daily use foldable crate has the same loading capacity as normal crates, it is easy for transportation. If you buy large quantity of crates, in one container, it can load 4 times daily use foldable crate than normal crates… Because of these advantages, daily use foldable crate is more and more popular.
In China, SINO HOLDINGS GROUP is one of the first company who devote to foldable crates, we have the strong design ability and a rich experience for different foldable crates, we have 3 series of daily use foldable crate with different dimensions all according to euro standard.
Our daily use foldable crate is non-toxic, odorless, moisture, corrosion resistance, light weight, durable, stackable, rich colors and pure characteristics. Our foldable crates sell well all over the world, highly welcomed by supermarkets, farms, fruit sellers, etc. We are searching our agent in foreign countries, if you have the idea or have the interest in being our daily use foldable crate agent, pls contact with us.