Sino Microcellular Foam injection moldsMicrocellular Foam injection molding industry is the latest technology of injection molding solution, which is newly applied in automotive parts, home appliance product, industrial electrical equipment, engine compartment part, TPV/TPE sealing strip, pvc proximate matter, PP/PE/PS sheet, electronic product and so on.Sino Mould Microcellular Foam injection molding Process involves the controlled use of gas injection equipment in its supercritical state to create a foamed part during the injection procedure. Microcellular Foam injection molding solution is targeted at precision and engineered plastic components with maximum wall thicknesses of less than 3mm. The advantage of Microcellular Foam injection molds devote to the fast development of plastic molding industry.Sino Microcellular Foam injection molds solution Process a high percentage as much as 50-75% improvement in key quality measures, and act as flatness, roundness, and warpage, also eliminating all sink marks of the plastic components. These improvements result from the fact that relatively uniform stress patterns are created in the molded part rather than non-uniform stress characteristic of solid molding. Therefore, it solved all the defect, and reduce the weight and injection pressure of the molding machine size.The quality advantages of  Sino Microcellular Foam injection molds Process are complemented by certain direct economic advantages, including the ability to produce 20-30% more parts per hour on a plastic injection molding machine, and the ability to molded plastic components on lower tonnage molding machines, reducing and the eliminating the packing pressure and clamping tonnage of requirement through the application of supercritical gas system.Sino Microcellular Foam injection molds process equipment includes supercritical state nitrogen device, supercritical gas injection control equipment, special hybrid sol plasticizing equipment and screw as well as specialized plastic injection molds.As the unique company in China who applied Microcellular Foam injection molds with special technology, Sino Mould has great experience of microcellular foam injection molds.  We warmly welcome your enquiry and consultant.

Microcellular Foam injection molds

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