With decades of cooperation with international famous brand lawn mover suppliers, SINO MOULD has developed rich experience in lawn mover mold manufacturering. SINO offers all types of lawn mover molds with injection molding technology, die-casting molds, aluminum casting and punching molds technology and so on. Our production line covers: Electric Lawn Mower molds, Power Garden Mower molds, plastic Grass Cutter Machine molds, Scarifier molds and plastic Raker Sweeper molds and so on.We are skilled in lawn mover R&D and latest lawn mover design and improvement, as well as lawn mover molds upgrading. SINO applied moldflow software to analysis the plastic injection condition, and design with the most idea layout, cooling system of lawn mover plastic components, ejection system of lawn mover plastic parts to achieve the best plastic molding condition. Molds efficiency, production good product percentage, and the outsurface defect avoiding, assembling keypoints and finish product uniform of parting lines all our advantages. In the production side, SINO choose the imported plastic mold tooling equipment, such as Italian FIDIA 5 axis CNC center, Japanese Sodick EDM and wire cutting, CMM measuring center and so on, to get the best mold tooling finish, and control mold qualtiy with 100% machining without hand touch. All lawn mover molds are successed in T1 trial, with 60days delivery time, and high level texture finish or mirror polish standard.Also, as we are choosing the best steel material to suitable for mold running, such as DIN1.2738 from Germany for main body, DIN 1.2316 for moving lawn mover mold components, cube and moldmax for cooling sharp corners, and durable design inside the keypoints of each lawn mover mold details. All our experiences are gained from production. And we are more confidence with your cooperation join in, SINO will grow with you shoulder by shoulder with long term friendship.

Lawn mower molds

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