Sino Mould Co.,Ltd is a famous laundry basket molds manufacturer in China, even on the world, we have a rich experience for making different kinds of laundry basket molds, pls see below these pictures of our models, all of them are made by our company.Because for most of the laundry baskets, there are many holes for 4 walls, and the laundry basket is big, so the injection may a key point we should consider, such as the type of the injection gate is hot runner or cold runner; if with hot runner, then how many tips for the hot runner, the runner position and types. If not design well, it may difficult to injection complete the plastic laundry baskets, and may have big flashed in the bottom of the holes.We have a strong design team for concept your laundry basket molds perfectly, before laundry basket molds manufacturing, we will apply mold flow software to analyse if the laundry basket molds design and injection gate is perfect to avoid any problems in the real molds.Buy laundry basket molds in Sino Mould, we believe we are your best choice, we offer your good quality laundry basket molds, good laundry basket molds after sales service, and turnkey solutions for your production line.Welcome your kindly enquiry from us, for your plastic chair molds projects.

Laundry basket molds

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