What is high gloss injection molds? High gloss injection mold is through mold temperature controller to control mold and hot runner system temperature, time controller to control material injection by sequence time, producing high level plastic parts with shining surface and without melting line and shrinkage marks. High gloss injection molds are also called for high polish injection molds and high light injection molds. It is widely used in making home appliances, automotive parts and so on. High gloss injection molds design and manufacturer key points: 1st, high gloss injection mold forming has highly requirements on mold temperature, usually it temperature would be 80-130 degree, after injection and holding pressure, it needs cooling waters to reduce temperature to 60-70 degree. Holding forming after high temperature would be good to eliminate welding line, flow marks and so on. So it is suggested to add insulated plates to avoid temperature transferring. 2nd, it has highly requirements on mold cavity surface polishing. 3rd, highly gloss injection molds has many hot runner tips with separate controller to control material injection by different times. Sino mould has offered high gloss injection molds like automotive fender molds, home appliance molds. Pls do not hesitate to contact us for high gloss injection molds inquiry.

High gloss injection molds

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