Sino a famous plastic traffic cone molds suppliers.We have advaced design for traffic cone molds,Many experience for manufacturing one cavity or multi-cavity traffic cone molds. What is our advantage for our traffic cone molds?1.     High quality control system. The main material for plastic traffic cone is PP, PVC or PA, at the beginning, we suggest different steel in order to meet different plastic raw material. And during production, our QC dept. will follow up in the whole schedule.2.     Optimal cooling system. Shorter cycle means bigger production quantity.We design the traffic cone molds excellecnt cooling water, the cooling lines flow through the product surface, and we make the cooling line the bigger the better to achieve max affect.3.     Quick delivery. We have PMC dept. to check the traffic cone molds production step by step.When we find any delay for any tooling step, we can find in time and catch the time4.     Saving cost for injection machine. In order to save cost and energy for customer, we designed traffic cone molds for different structure, through one side pull structure to drop the product in the same level. As we know, usually, traffic cone molds will need bigger opening stroke machines, but we can take away your worry.Any need for detail information, please feel free to contact us. 

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