Plastic cooler box molds maker China is specialized for cooler box molds manufacturing, we offer different sizes cooler box molds for our customers, from 3L to 45L capacity. We supply turnkey solution for the cooler box injection molding line and hollow blow molding line.As we know, cooler box are widely used in catering industry, fishing industry, vehicle using and so on. There has a large demand for cooler box in order to keep the food and drinking fresh under low temperature. For a whole set cooler box, usually it consists of several parts, include outer container, middle container, inner part, blow lid, handle and so on. We have to make several molds for different cooler box part. The plastic raw material for cooler box is PP, PE, PS, PC and so on. When making a cooler box mold, the most important is that we could make sure the cooler box is with balance thickness to keep the temperature, the lid and the container could matching well for heat sealing. In order to get good appearance for the cooler box, we could consider make texture at the out surface of cooler box, and keep the inner side smooth. In order to get good thermal insulating effect, the lid for cooler box we use blowing molding, the lid is hollow and could keep the temperature well. For the other parts, we use injection molding, we use P20, 718H, DIN1.2738 steel material for the mold core and cavity. All the molds are with optimized cooling system and reasonable mold structure design. That could help get fast recycling and long mold life. Sino offer one stop service for cooler box molding, include cooler box molds supply, injection molding machine supply, technology training, etc. Welcome your enquiry.

Cooler box molds

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