Plastic pump molds

Sino cooperates with many plastic pump supplier in China, and the plastic pumps which are widely used in the international market covers types of pump for submersible water pump molds, household garden submersible pump molds, booster pump molds, automatic pressure control water pump molds. Except the Stainless motor shaft with special treatment, all the plastic components for robust housing, stable construction of the plastic water pump body, SINO supports also the improvement of plastic pump model improvement and advanced mold design for different pump models.SINO special mold design brings innovation to the pump housing design in both product finish as well as plastic pump molds efficiency. With automatic unscrewing ejection system of the plastic pump molds, we can max. applied with four direction of thread unscrewing ejection. The skill of developing plastic pump molds achieves less over-molding and insert molding system, and can fast reduce the cost of each plastic pump housing unit cost. While with PA material being very long term weariness, SINO design of plastic pumps can support for international quality certificate. The function also support strongly transfer or drain dirty water with larger dirt particles up to 30mm in diameter as well as comfortable ergonomic handling for easy transfer.At the same time, SINO chooses the most suitable mold material for each components of the plastic pump molds, and the most precise mold tooling equipment and tooling control steps. All those bring the great success of SINO plastic pump molds high accuracy and long life time of the molds.Thanks to our rich experience in applying high technology in plastic pump molds, SINO is becoming the best one in China with R&D ablity to develop new models of submersible water pump molds, household garden submersible pump molds, booster pump molds, automatic pressure control water pump molds in China.

Plastic helmet molds

Sino Mould Co.,Ltd is a famous plastic helmet molds maker in China, we had manufactured 2-cavity plastic helmet molds, bi-color plastic helmet molds, plastic helmet inner part molds, etc. We have rich experiences in designing and manufacturing different kinds of plastic helmet molds. In China, there are thousands plastic molds makers, Sino Mould Co.,Ltd is among the best.Plastic helmets are used to protect our heads as a safety helmet, so it has a strict requirement for the strength, it should be unbreakable. The weight of each helmet should be light and not too heavy. When designing the helmet and inner part, we should take complete consideration into the thickness and the structure, inner part must assemble well with the helmet. Normally, the helmet plastic is PP, and inner part plastic is HDPE.We had made many plastic helmet molds, the most difficult is bi-color helmet molds, from the designing to manufacturing and to the mold test. The key point for the bi-color helmet technology is the second color, it must flow well on the first color surface, without flash. We can supply you bi-color injection machine and other injection machines for your plastic helmets molding line. Our company sincerely supply our customers the whole molding line and one stop service for your new plant such as plastic helmet molds, plastic injection machines, plastic raw material, other auxiliary machines, engineer training, etc. We can help you make the design work, and after design, we will apply mold flow analysis software to test the plastic flowing on the mold design to improve the mold structure and to avoid any problems during mold manufacturing and mass production. Sino Mould Co.,Ltd is your best choice. Welcome your kindly enquiry from us!

Microcellular Foam injection molds

 Sino Microcellular Foam injection moldsMicrocellular Foam injection molding industry is the latest technology of injection molding solution, which is newly applied in automotive parts, home appliance product, industrial electrical equipment, engine compartment part, TPV/TPE sealing strip, pvc proximate matter, PP/PE/PS sheet, electronic product and so on.Sino Mould Microcellular Foam injection molding Process involves the controlled use of gas injection equipment in its supercritical state to create a foamed part during the injection procedure. Microcellular Foam injection molding solution is targeted at precision and engineered plastic components with maximum wall thicknesses of less than 3mm. The advantage of Microcellular Foam injection molds devote to the fast development of plastic molding industry.Sino Microcellular Foam injection molds solution Process a high percentage as much as 50-75% improvement in key quality measures, and act as flatness, roundness, and warpage, also eliminating all sink marks of the plastic components. These improvements result from the fact that relatively uniform stress patterns are created in the molded part rather than non-uniform stress characteristic of solid molding. Therefore, it solved all the defect, and reduce the weight and injection pressure of the molding machine size.The quality advantages of  Sino Microcellular Foam injection molds Process are complemented by certain direct economic advantages, including the ability to produce 20-30% more parts per hour on a plastic injection molding machine, and the ability to molded plastic components on lower tonnage molding machines, reducing and the eliminating the packing pressure and clamping tonnage of requirement through the application of supercritical gas system.Sino Microcellular Foam injection molds process equipment includes supercritical state nitrogen device, supercritical gas injection control equipment, special hybrid sol plasticizing equipment and screw as well as specialized plastic injection molds.As the unique company in China who applied Microcellular Foam injection molds with special technology, Sino Mould has great experience of microcellular foam injection molds.  We warmly welcome your enquiry and consultant.

Oxygen mask molds

 Oxygen mask provides a method to transfer breathing oxygen gas from a storage tank to the lungs. They can be made of plastic, silicone or rubber; and may be supplied to patients, firemen and the military etc. As a professional medical molds supplier, we have accumulated rich experiences in Oxygen Mask Molds, medical nebulizer molds, Anesthesia breathing circuit, yankauer molds, yankauer section connector molds.For oxygen mask molds design and Oxygen Mask Molds Making. Due to it is flexible PVC polymer, the mold releasing, mold core and cavity material choosing all are seriously We have made Adult oxygen mask molds, Pediatric oxygen mask molds recently. Oxygen Mask Molds Mold cavity: 2 cavitiesMold core&cavity: S136Mold Hardness: 50-54HRCMold Runner: Cold runnerMold Life: 3 million shotsT1 sample lead time: new ready mould, could be shipped as soon as possible We have designed a lot of molds for many types oxygen mask molds both adult and pediatric, oxygen and nebulizer type. For oxygen mask molds we can design good air exhausting system, control the mold quality to ensure the part high polishing, good appearance no flash&burrs, and easy to eject out. Also we can custom oxygen mask molds according to customer’s design or samples.We supply good quality Oxygen Mask Molds. Check more detail information about Oxygen Mask Molds, If you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact us! 

Paper dispenser molds

Paper dispenser molds manufacturer – Sino Mould we are profession on various stypes of plastic paper dispenser molds, tissue box molds, plastic paper box molds.We have made Paper dispenser molds for the country like Jorda,Turkey,Mexico and so on, We can make good design for paper dispenser mold design, because a good paper dispenser mold manufacturing need a prefect mold design, we have 30 professional designer for mold structure and mold design, we have more than 10 years of work experience, to analysis mold parting line, cooling water system, gating system, venting system, hot runner system etc…after considering these then we can confirm paper dispenser mold quality, high quality t paper dispenser mold  including mold life, Convenient operation ,easy for mold maintain.SINO have professional machining equipments, including eight CNC Milling, 3 axis high speed and 5 axis high speed milling, precision around 0.05-0.1mm, for control resection for paper dispenser mold. after molds machining for paper dispenser molds, we will make CMM measure for each mould parts during the mould tooling to avoid wrong go to next step.We will offer customer high quality paper dispenser molds.If you are looking for a good Paper dispenser molds supplier, please kindly contact us, we will offer customer very good quality Paper dispenser molds.

Water filter molds

 China plastic molds manufacturer Professional on water filter molds, plastic filter molds,2 or 3stage desktop water filter molds, 2stage water filter molds, water filter spare parts, filter pitcher molds. Usually the water filter parts including filter housing molds filter cover molds and filter spare parts molds.About water filter moldThe plastic material of the filter housing is PP,SAN or AS, transparent or not, when the filter housing by transparent, we will choose mold steel with Din1.2316,Din1.2344 for good polishing, without scratch without waviness; if not transparent, the mold steel will be Din1.2738 or Din1.2311 for good polish.The plastic material of the filter cover usually is ABS or PP, we use Din1.2738 or Din1.2311 Steel, the special structure is the unscrewing structure, we will make the screw thread by oil motor unscrewing or by manual unscrewing according to customer request quatity.About water filter mold and part testWhen mold testing, it must considering best injection condition like suited pressure, suited temperature, and transparent filter hosing mold need connect temperature controller for keep mould temperature for good injection molding.For water filter plastic part testing, we will understand from customer how about the water pressures it will be bear, then we make water pressure testing.We expect we can offer you good quality water filter molds, please send information for inquiry if you are looking for a good molds supplier for water filter molds.

High gloss injection molds

 What is high gloss injection molds? High gloss injection mold is through mold temperature controller to control mold and hot runner system temperature, time controller to control material injection by sequence time, producing high level plastic parts with shining surface and without melting line and shrinkage marks. High gloss injection molds are also called for high polish injection molds and high light injection molds. It is widely used in making home appliances, automotive parts and so on. High gloss injection molds design and manufacturer key points: 1st, high gloss injection mold forming has highly requirements on mold temperature, usually it temperature would be 80-130 degree, after injection and holding pressure, it needs cooling waters to reduce temperature to 60-70 degree. Holding forming after high temperature would be good to eliminate welding line, flow marks and so on. So it is suggested to add insulated plates to avoid temperature transferring. 2nd, it has highly requirements on mold cavity surface polishing. 3rd, highly gloss injection molds has many hot runner tips with separate controller to control material injection by different times. Sino mould has offered high gloss injection molds like automotive fender molds, home appliance molds. Pls do not hesitate to contact us for high gloss injection molds inquiry.

Plastic toy molds

Sino Holdings Group offer customers good quality plastic toy molds, like the children use plastic toy car mould, plastic building block mould, plastic beach toy mould, plastic robot toy mould and so on. Plastic toy mould is in high requirement of design and plastic material. For the factor of safety to baby. Sino Has done many different kinds of the baby toy molds, like the plastic scooter molds, the baby use table, baby bathtub mold and so on.For the plastic toy molds steel we use the 718H, H13, S136 and so on, we use the ANOLE hot runner, also can use the YUDO, MOLDMASTER and so on. After getting the samples, we will design the product, give you the good suggestion of the plastic toy molds, and discuss with customers, then design the mold, design the good cooling water, ejector system. Also we will give you the good injection molding machine, auxiliary machines, all the line of the productionIf you have new project of the plastic toy molds, please feel free to contact us